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Dentures can provide a beautiful smile and a full set of teeth. However, they do have some significant disadvantages. They feel bulky, they will affect your speech, they have limited stability and may inhibit your ability to chew and taste. Adding implants to your dentures can make a world of difference.

Locator denture

Implants can be added to dentures in one of two ways. First is an implant-retained overdenture. In this appliance, implants are placed in the bone and pieces called "abutments" are screwed into the implants. To attach to the abutments, we install "housings" under the denture that contain inserts which grip the implant abutments. Through this connection, your denture becomes much more stable. The improved stability increases your confidence, comfort, and ability to chew different foods. An implant-retained overdenture is still removable and is cared for like a traditional denture, but is much more secure when in your mouth and drastically improves your function.


The other implant denture option is called a "hybrid" appliance. The denture teeth are connected to implants, but instead of a friction fit like in the above option, screws are used for a rigid, secure connection. This makes the appliance non-removable. It stays in your mouth for a full year before you return for removal and cleaning. Because of the rigid connection, your chewing capacity is maximized. Also because the appliance is fixed in place, we can reduce the size drastically to reduce the denture's impact on your speech, taste, and comfort.

See this video for more detail on the process of creating a hybrid denture using the All-on-4 method:

Each option comes with it's own advantages and disadvantages. With any of the options, you never have to live without teeth at any point in the process. Make an appointment today for a consult to learn what's best for you!

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