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Relieve Your Dental Fear & Anxiety

We get it – no one is counting down the days to their next dentist’s visit with gleeful anticipation. On the contrary, dental-related phobia is a serious problem that affects children and adults alike, making it more difficult for them to receive the care their smiles need to thrive.

At Charlottesville Blue Ridge Dental and Crozet Blue Ridge Dental, our teams do everything in their power to help patients feel genuinely comfortable with us. If these efforts aren’t quite enough, though, we have a back-up anxiolytic (reducing anxiety) techniques. These techniques are designed to calm frazzled nerves and create an even more relaxing environment where care can be performed smoothly and safely – no fear required. Please contact us if you’re interested in scheduling a first appointment for yourself or a loved one.

Anti-Anxiety Medications

Hand holding a white sedative tabletIf you need a stronger form of sedation than what nitrous oxide can provide, we can consider some pharmaceutical help. This process is as easy as taking prescribed medication. Patients will remain awake, but they’ll enter a deeper state of relaxation that will last throughout their appointment. Many won’t even remember much about the experience at all, which is preferred. If you do select oral conscious sedation, keep in mind that a trusted escort will need to drive you to and from our location.